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Since everyone can participate in efforts to promote the management of allergies, communities all over the world are stepping forward to recognize the seriousness of allergic disorders and the importance of proper treatment.

ESPAI offers the following suggestions to help improve the quality of life for those with allergic disorders in your community.


Educate child care providers and school personnel

        Establish a school-based allergy program in your community.

        Provide a checklist of allergy triggers that educators and child care providers should be aware of around children with allergies.

        Be sure that educators, including teachers, principals and assistants, are aware of children in their school with allergic disorders.

        Help schools develop reasonable school policies that allow older children to carry their medications, particularly for asthmatic children.


Help parents and children with allergic disorders in your community

        Start an educational support group for those with allergic disorders, particularly children and teens to help them learn that they are not alone.

        Encourage children to play sports, and help them feel comfortable using their medications around other children, when necessary.

        Offer to play inside with children when outdoor allergens are high.


Examine your home, your school, your work and your day care

        Reduce exposure to indoor air triggers at home, work and school.

        Donít smoke indoors or around people with allergic disorders.